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From Embers

May 7, 2020

Following the mass shootings in Nova Scotia last week, the federal government rushed to impose an extensive and immediate ban of semi-automatic firearms. We reached out to Ron in Edmonton, author of the article “The History of Gun Control in Canada” on the counter-info website North Saskatchewan Resistance. We spoke about the shifting regulatory context in Canada, the problem of mass killers from an anti-fascist perspective, arming the vulnerable and the oppressed, and the possibilities associated with anarchist interventions into gun culture.

Post-interview note from Ron:

At 41:29 I say 'Arm trans women' which has become a slogan for leftist and LGBTQ2+ firearms rights advocates. I then list other identity groups that those concerned with changing gun culture should endeavour to arm. Among these was women. This was not to imply in the slightest that trans women are not women. Defend equality and keep TERFs out of our spaces.

Article referenced in the discussion: “The Firearms Act and Canada’s First Nations