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From Embers

Aug 10, 2019

Every year on August 10th, both inside and outside of jails and prisons across Canada, prisoners and their supporters mark Prisoners Justice Day.

We spoke with Veronica, an anarchist in Montreal who is part of organizing the annual NYE noise demos in Laval. We discuss the history of Prisoners Justice Day, what has changed since the 70s, how PJD will marked and articulated this year, recuperation by Liberal governments, anarchist approaches to prisoner solidarity, and how to get started.

Some PJD Events Across Canada: Halifax - Kingston (1, 2) - Hamilton (1, 2) - Ottawa - Toronto - Sudbury - Vancouver - Barrie - London

Prisoners mentioned include Pete Collins, Cleve Geddes, Justin St Amour, and Jean Veillette.

Texts discussed include Under New Management, Prisons In Canada, Barred From Prison, and the Penal Press Archive. We also referenced the podcast "What Happened to Prisoners Justice Day?"

Other topics raised include Structured Intervention Units, Prison Farms, and the P4W Memorial Collective.