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From Embers

Apr 18, 2019

Recording of a talk by Alexis Shotwell on veganism, relational ethics, and mutual aid. From the event description: Will eating plant-based foods save us from climate catastrophes? Should everyone eat vegan? How should people who care about the world understand “clean eating”? Is Jordan Peterson pursuing a beef-only diet because he’s an asshole, or because he’s managing a severe disability, or both? Is criticizing factory farmed meat the same as criticizing Indigenous hunting practices? What does any of this have to do with mutual aid?

In this conversation, I’ll share some approaches to answering these questions. I’ll explain what I think is a useful distinction between ethical decisions based on substances (what something is) and ethical decisions based on placing ourselves in relationships. I’ll talk about the difference between clean eating and vegan eating, and share why anarchist understandings of political care in the form of mutual aid help us be in good relationships with our devastated, hurting, good world.


AKA Autonomous Social Centre (Kingston)


Punch Up Collective (Ottawa)