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From Embers

Aug 30, 2018

We return to the rising wave of renters struggles across the province of Ontario.

On May 1st, tenants in the Stoney Creek Towers in Hamilton declared a rent strike, demanding that their corporate landlord drop an above-guideline rent increase of almost 10% over three years, and that the property managers...

Aug 30, 2018

This episode first aired in May 2018 and featured two interviews with tenant organizers in Ontario.

The first interview is with Jason from the Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network about the East Hamilton Rent Strike launched on May 1st.

The second interview is with Adam from the Limestone Solidarity Network in...

Aug 23, 2018

Conversations about prison organizing in Canada - interview with a Halifax organizer about the Burnside Jail protest and conversation about Prisoner Justice Day organizing in Nova Scotia and Ontario

Burnside prisoners' statement:

Aug 16, 2018

85 years ago this week, in the midst of another long hot summer, a series of anti-semitic and xenophobic provocations in Toronto escalated into a full blown riot at Christie Pits.

Tonight we bring you two interviews to mark the 85th anniversary of the Christie Pits Riot in Toronto. The first is with Cyril Levitt,...

Aug 7, 2018

An interview with a comrade who recently published a critique of Max Stirner's The Ego And Its Own.  We discuss anarchist morality and ethics, why we hate the state, whether anarchism means building a world with no masters or slaves, egoism, individualism, killing the cop inside your head, and whether dead...