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From Embers

Feb 28, 2019

This week's episode features two perspectives on the right-wing "Yellow Vests Canada" movement and how anti-fascists are taking them on.  Topics include:

What, if anything, do these people have to do with the yellow vest movement in France?

Are they workerists, xenophobes, populists, fascists or all of the above?


Feb 21, 2019

Today's episode features a conversation with some members of Feminist Action Hamilton, an anyone-except-cis-men collective organizing around anarchist principles. We talk about some of the actions and workshops Feminist Action Hamilton has been organizing over the past year; feelings and motivations around creating...

Feb 14, 2019

An interview with Craig Fortier, who is an organizer and academic based in Toronto. Among other things, Craig is involved with No One Is Illegal and helps coordinate the Field of Dreamers Cooperative Softball Association, which was featured on a recent episode of Talking Radical Radio. Craig is the author of the short...